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the development of incipient casei under favorable condi-

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tush. If the tush is loosened, it must be removed; but this

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for its expectorant action, which is due to its solvent power

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testine ; and the opinion has been held by some that it acts more effi-

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sion, by whatever method used, should be checked by other means.

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morphoea cases are more common in children lately than they used to be.

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duct was overlooked at the first operation. Had a cholecystectomy

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aid in forming a diagnosis, while in persons of more advanced years

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little farther on the left than on the right side. Vaginal examination shows the uterus

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faction in their work, and all the old officers of the Council

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The striking fact that a quarter of this class of infectious scarlet

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line S^rup. — Bicarbonate of soda, § ss. ; simple syrup, ^viii. ; dose,

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he shall pay 100 sous, and if a gentleman dies fol-

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vided and carried out in these hospitals. People dead

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Hearing, and How to Keep It. The Winter and its Dangers

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placing an antidote in the other. And yet, with all these

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over the neck, back, and superior extremities ; there are none over the chest, abdo-

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was now forced down with a screw upon the aorta a little above and to

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regurgitant murmurs proceed from much or little regurgitation, must be

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have come under my observation, the areolar tissue became soon greatly emptied

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increased by pressure, movements, etc., sometimes muscle spasm even being

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of the houses showed that the inhabitants lived in an atmo-

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which are fed on boiled milk, the process of absorption being delayed

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that there are comparatively so few diseases of the liver in the nature

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of medical science who is failing in knowledge of this subject. We must all be endocrinolo-

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general redness of the conjunctiva, after they have long existed

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vomiting. It may run a rapid course, delirium or stupor quickly ending

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It is partly to this unscientific division of the wide field of

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the auspices of the Association, shall !»• devoted to tie- maintenance of

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politician. His poetry reflects the change in his life.

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percussion over the apex of the heart (with the tip of the finger) the patient

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ity, until repeated instances forced me to admit the paradoxical

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17. Dr. Robert E. Conniff, Sioux City, in the chair.

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Ingrassia, Matthaeus Eealdus Columbus, Julius Caesar

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As glucose provides fuel for anaerobic metabohsm, the