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upon the extensor surface of the forearm, one thickness of a
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symptoms were : slight dysphagia, giddiness, headache. Ophthalmoscopic ex-
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the book, which will occupy a permanent place in med-
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encountered which was drained through the decompression opening.
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nation, we allude to the alteration in the areola, the description
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advantages, and may be used in any case except where the vessels
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ance program, policy or plan unless such program, policy
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note, both signs, with dullness on percussion, in the
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through, instead of being simply exposed ; or awkward incisions made
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and was an honorary member of very many scientific societies at
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Hypermetropin, 78, or eight per cent. ; hypermetropia
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reflex. And I found out if you went to oil, you could see right through to the
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Sinrtlf as this method of treatment seems, its suc-
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have of demonstrating their patriotism on the national
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but by that time spontaneous reduction had taken place,
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greater at 10 p.m., and after a series of experiments I
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abundant on the legs than elsewhere. The circulation and
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seconding the motion, took occasion to speak of con-
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The Prognosis in many cases is grave, and in pyaemia
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dissemination of the Botanic System of medicine. j»
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parts, and the difficulty of distinguishing the poles.
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published by Dr. Byrom Bramwell, we find some inter-
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includes the results obtained by experiments with the
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depict to a dull ear, and perhaps a didl mind, the differentia-
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this country, of the Caesarean operation is greatly increas-
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principles are— to sustain warmth of body, to check waste by
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Herrman :" Diphtheria Death-rate in New York," "N. Y. Med. Jour.," 1900,
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and is now in a thriving condition in the Foundling
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Admitted March 21st, 1869, to Charity Hospital, ward 29, bed 422; oedema of the lower
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that most difficult part of medicine, the study of therapeutics,
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are shock, pyrexia, pain, cough, and expectoration ; in the second stage,
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exert the same skill and influence now in seeing that
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spread by contact, and had found that closing the play-
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Robert S. Bergoff, Chairman.. 30 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago
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1900. Wood's Reference Handbook of Medical Sciences, vol. 4.,
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flick for a long time afterwards with "inflammation of
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w.LL-n: {/i. sf",r■J-,■li.■^). vvhivh ihc\ injrrtL'd int.. L'uinea-piir-. 'I'li^'ir
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