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field. (5) The medial border of the chest field is 2

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in Paris, during which individuals who had been vaccinated were at-

suprax 200 mg filmtabletta ra

fever antitoxin exerts a favorable influence on the clinical

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4. Demonstration Clinic; Cancer of the Hand — E. N.

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Conscious of this basic principle, our Council Com-

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are not included in this agreement and should be subject to

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fact, having received most satisfectory confirmation, alike from

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there is a disposition to diarrhcea, and unless the physician is

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York, New York City, Section on Gastroenterology and Proctology.

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with subdiaphragmatic abscess. The clinical findings

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tion of abdominal and chest organs. Amer. Jour. Obst. &

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the patient was taken to London, to have the benefit of the per^nal ex-

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of the tissues of the cervix uteri and Titfinal canals, by promoting probably the

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TABLE II. — Certain Cardiac Conditions Reported on History, Final Diagnosis, or Both

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these vessels, and extending deeply as far as the styloid process and the

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Supplied as Redisol Tablets: 25,50, 100, 250 meg.; Elixir: 5 meg. per 5 cc. ;

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“The Advertising Pages have a Service Value for the READER that no truly Progressive Physician can afford to overlook:

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I occasionally, we hear a physician criticized for treat-

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Carucci and Louis Schneider; Munnsville — Dr. Fred

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that are used in industries today that the opportunity

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have indeed had Several Thoughts upon Tar-water. . . .”

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Storm belts adaptable to all conditions. Ptosis, Hernia,

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Makers of the Soothing, Modernized Form of Burow’s Solution

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I pose the restoration of the indiAudual as an able

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of the thoughtful consideration evinced when he was

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cervical adenitis, acute otitis media, mastoiditis,

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eurial preparations (and especially calomel) are not well borne by scrof-

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comprises those cases for which a satisfactory' ex-

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will also report on “Freon Mixture,” a new noncom-

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