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occasionally get a little in advance of the examiners. Secondly,
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(For a similar case, see ' Medical Gazette,' vol. 37, p. 702 ; also 1 Casper's
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It i- essentia] that the interfragmentary gap be over
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the field and began importuning doctors to accept insur-
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We accordingly came to the conclusion that the patient
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the Transactions of the l^ondon Obstetrical Society. It was shown
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In the Eastern countries it is customary to refer to infections
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seem to throw light upon their actual transition ; the protoplasm of the
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phthisis by the editor, under whose care she was for a day before her death :
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ures; and clinically by characteristic deformities.
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amateur health-cobbler was picked up first by one friend, then
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as it is in its behavior, we still hesitate at the very threshold of our
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That enclosing the lungs is called the visceral layer, and that
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extract was dried over calcium chloride and concentrated, the oily
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Prognosis. — Tlie age, habits of life, and previous condition of health,
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auricle, which had been carelessly severed, was twenty-one ounces. Within
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told it is necessary to irrigate the parts with cold water, for several con-
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there was grave doubt in his mind as to how far anse-
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surface of the sacrum, which sometimes feels bruised and numb, in con-
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be productive, if well supported by the members, of
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themselves pretty decidedly. The riirht pupil was three lines and
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the appeiuance of flitting ghoits withi.i the church. They are all as easily explained
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The incubators used by us have been made after my design in Bos-
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goes to make up an ideal climate. The only objection to it is that it
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areas of the submucosa, hence visible peristalsis and contractile tumor
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impossible to arouse him at all, or to elicit the slightest sign of
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organs were congested, and the blood from the heart, upon microscopical examination
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uterus is almost, if not quite, in normal place ; still some fluid
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diagnosticate with positiveness a lesion placed as above de-
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group on the opposite side of the body. With this monospasm or proto-
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as well as ossification, may occur at a comparatively
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illary chyliferous ducts to prevent the acidified chyme from
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day, at the request of the National Committee on Mental
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speedily vanished under the weight which pressed upon it. ♦ *
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