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tion on slight excitement or physical exertion, so that his dyspnoea and
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A sequela of measles is a mild form of ophthalmia. This ophthalmia
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and the acromion. The elbow is carried away from the side; in some
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Lobular, catarrhal, or broncho-pneumonia, is always secondary, being
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plete inguinal hernia, the swelling is a round, hard tumor, and is pain-
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backward. In one case wiiere the adhesions were extensive over both lungs,
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painful palpitation, wild cherry bark is the best drug. Morphine is sel-
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should be kept moist and the body should be covered with flannel. Some
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extreme exhaustion, and the patient dies before the eruption makes its ap-
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comes on toward the end of the first week of the disease. Coma may occur
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may become inspissated by the absorption of its liquid portion and remain
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In the treatment of acute nephritis, there are three important things
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Usually there is u constuul, dull. ucliin>j; piiiu, or a sense of woakuess over
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the profoundness of the slumber is of great importance. If it is found dif-
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feeble and aged, a prolonged operation should not be undertaken.
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by the history of previous constipation and the presence of thin muco-
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(bleeding piles), or they may become inflamed (inflamed piles). The
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to say that the doctrine of heredity of tuberculosis must be abandoned,
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syphilis, alcoholic excesses, gouty and rheumatic conditions.
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posterior extremity of the urethra, and the mucous membrane of the
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sufficiently complete to result in death of the hernial contents within
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serious in appearance of all forms of rectal cancer. It may exist for a
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will frequently avoid serious inflammation. Amputation should be done
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Displacement. — The upper fragment is rotated out by the muscles
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This is a suppurative inflammation of the whole pleura, usually confined
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months, and yet no svmptoms of blood poisoning occur so long as the
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of a single vertebra, or three or four, and may be displaced laterally,
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permanently interfere with the integrity of the joint. If the synovitis
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with good results in a few cases ; it is less dangerous than the other methods
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0U8 elTusioii may not be absorbed for months, and then the pleuritic thick-
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deceived some physicians, but here again an exploring-needle would
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consult the physician with the idea that he has diahetes, but the urinary
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Not infrequently measles leaves the patient in a state of general ill-health.
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Hip Disease. — This affection has a variety of names, such as Morbus
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wound. The coagulated lymph, blood, and serum, which first filled up
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dertaken in the treatment of aneurysm. It consists in manipulating