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garis, developing at times in the skin over scrofulous

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field, of interest perhaps only to a few students, hence

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cotton plugs are removed and corks substituted for them

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the nursing infant cannot be determined at this time.

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matters — to the care of your own health under conditions which

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who daily robs him by indiscriminate dispensary work

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I will not speak of any particular group. Most of these men did not

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the urgent need for them to combat these by their own individual

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several occasions to demonstrate the presence in cases of mitral stenosis of

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of cornea and conjunctiva. Ibid., Madras, 1889-90, iii,

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lives of his fellow men under false pretensions, and takes their

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Ordered two drachms of castor-oil and thirty drops of

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ing. In such cases gout is said to be irregular and misplaced. Anomalous

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Hutchison, gave a histors' of previous injury to the shoulder

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150. The patient fell into a state of coma, and died about twenty days after the com-

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Hospital x-ray department, Drs. Dodd and Holmes, January 1,

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syringe, a list of formulas for dilutions and equivalents

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As to the value of transfusion as a remedy, either for loss of blood

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tion table. Incision had begun, when he uttered a slight sigh.

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three times, she is therefore suffering from menor-

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" light " treatment. In the event of a Rontgen ray burn

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years of age, there are only fifty-six between thirty and forty.

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like deposit of the growth left at the bottom of the tube was resuspended in saline

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oped the disease about Aug. 1, 1912. Here were four little boys, aged

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in preventing smallpox. These statements were made as the basis for the

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brown color; the darker parts gradually faded into the lighter-brown parts ;

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sis the pathological changes are usually slight, and the

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Harvey and an Appendix of Statistical Tables. By P. H.

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brospinal fluid and the globulin reaction is present. In other cases the Wasser-

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the lower and right part of the hypogastric region.

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readings were made after the tubes had stood in the ice box over night.

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calling upon digestion, we act by means of nutritive enemata,

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kind resulting from measles, by the presence of an eruption of minute

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excellent, and show how valuable the use of apparatus can

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