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febrile. Cough is seldom absent for long. In some cases gastric symptoms
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immune to syphilitic infection. This so-called law rests on much less
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generally arifes from fome former caufe, regard muft
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{d) Obfei-^ations on the Diftdfes of the Army, p. 142. i,th FJU.
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gauze such as the double cyanide of mercury and zinc.
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three times a day, and, in addition, the ordinary treatment of the gouty
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was the idea that led to the isolation in a more or less pure
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speaking, he does not exist. It Is well to remember that Group I Serum
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disease. Lastly, in a case of simple rheumatoid arthritis, sodium biurate
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Vitreous opacities, paresis of accommodation, short-sightedness developing
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never failed to give results. At the same time. I am accom-
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finds its necessary extracorporeal conditions only in the presence of high
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the case of a girl, 7 years of age, who, after taking arsenic for chorea,
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occur within two years of infection. Of the lesions connected with occlu-
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predisposes to it, it is difficult to say. Some have maintained that sudden
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feet, and their legs are fubjecl: to dropfical fwellings.
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the seat of inflammation in scarlet fever, measles, and certain other diseases
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extremely clean and well aired, at a di,ftance from
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digestion becomes impaired. Catarrh of the stomach may result, with a
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pediatrist often gathers more information with th(> eye ami tin-
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explaining the fenfe of thofe terms, defining the fe-
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vessels. We came to the conclusion that any reduction of pressure
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A nor B and, therefore, cannot be agglutinated. For this reason, then,
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reflections of minute bodies which, while invisible, were larger than a ray
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be exhausted or unavailable due to change of residence, etc. Therefore
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their effects neutralised by atropine, are occasionally called ptomatropine.
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the periphery to the centre. The extensor muscles are usually more affected
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plates will show the gall-bladder empty, or nearly so. If a shadow is
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other wasting diseases. The atrophy, as a rule, affects both sides equally,
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or by fluid in the pleura. Auscultation gives valuable signs. Vesicular
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Six hours a day for a week will be devoted to these subjects.
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delivery, rapid child-bearing, or excessive lactation. The chronic form is