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the tissue ; but the latter is its great advantage. In a region so
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Case 3. — Miss B., two years ago, received an injury by a
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lines from the edge of the cornea, and in the most prominent
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physician thereof. The experience was valuable to him, and his
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pneumonia, but undoubtedly this product of our advanced
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College of Physicians and Surgeons as Professor of Operative Sur-
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The doctor will receive his board, lodging, and washing ; also
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articular rheumatism, that it is usually very favorably affected by the sali-
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was for many years the leading paper of its kind in America.
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tending surgeon to the West Side Dispensary, 1872-75; Bureau of
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A copy of the January, 1878, Gazette is very much desired to complete a set
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Jumping off the omnibus, he met an old gentleman, who asked
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quently this process is to be regarded merely as a fresh acute infection, start-
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that the day is not far off when separate schools of medicine
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the manuscript of his autobiography. In his autobiogra-
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Diseases, 1906, Vol. XXIV, p. 241; " Infectious Dermatitis Gangre-
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nities for experience with the living and observation on
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stress on hysteria as a qualification for the treatment in ques-
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she thought was due to walking across a cold passage in her
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LL.D., B.C.L. Montreal: W. Drysdale & Co., 1885. 33 pp.
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longs to the Medical Society of the State of New York, the New
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kidney may burst ; the organ is fissured, deeply divided,
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York Academy of Medicine; the American Otological Society; the
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Boston, I was enabled in the early part of the present year to
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Brooklyn, E. D , Dispensary, which position she held seven
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metres (0*31 inch), its length 39 millimetres (1*53 inches),
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Skene distinguished himself under the Duke of Marl-
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of our best authorities of to-day. Due credit is thus given to the
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nothing worthy the name of clinical test, pray, how are we to
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in 1870 president of the New York State Medical Society. In 1878
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in reply, the excellent and original little book whose title heads
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office for private practice, and in the subsequent years of his pro-
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and devoted doctors who have attended him, and especially to Dr. Mann, who
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tion that he did not commit the crime, because he cannot con-
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den, worked hard for twenty-one years, and succeeded. As Mr. Pot-
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complications occurring through hcemorvhage, through trau-
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relieved. I also told them I thought there was a probability
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the Coney Island, the Swedish and the Jamaica hospitals. He is a
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ing adipose tissue then fill up where there has been a loss
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is not to be sought among these various influences, for rickets undoubtedly
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few days ago, meeting him upon the street, I asked him how our
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chiefly in eliminating errors in pathology and treatment
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" The same remarks are applicable also to bromide of potas-
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nerve-action. The restitution of normal function — health —
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ment of " The Voice," for the best monograph on the diaphragm
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priated sixty-five thousand dollars for the homoeopathic hospital
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open the abdominal cavity in case of injury by gunshot or
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