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somewhat retard the healing process. The wound may then be
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may Introduce more or less poison into the system, but this is rarely
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born infant needs to nurse about every two hours throughout the day-
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the optic nerve as far forward as the ciliary ligaments.
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is evidently enlarged through hypertrophy of its muscular walls,
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Frerichs' researches it aijpears to be certain that even the parotid
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which the latter are least marked. In the hands they lead to distor-
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thus reproduce themselves, for the perpetuity of the race could not
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are known as the refracting media or humors of the eye.
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various articles of food, according to their proportion of albumin and
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it musl run the gauntlet of one disease after another; BO that in a
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soil or from decaying vegetable and putrefying animal matter, or
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similar manner the rotatory effect of glucose may be partly masked by the
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and marked prostration. The tongue becomes brown, or even black,
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table by frequently repeated rheumatic attacks may have their con-
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ply an unfavorable condition. It is common in typhoid fever, mala-
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with truffles, black pudding, 60 grams. Meat sausages, 80 grams.
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color varies from a pale yellow tint, due to included urochrome, to a deep
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other technical requirement, could supply a criterion
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Physiological Constitution. — The conditions known as constitution
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inhaled in concentrated form. If well mixed with atmospheric air
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b:itli-, or cold-water-cures, and the like, above all the clear and un-
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The onset of an attack is often the first indication of the existence of
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among the advanced cases in which the kidneys and the liver are be-
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More particular directions as to its employment will be found in
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may be worn to lessen pressure and friction. Such a method of
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been shown above, the alkalinity of the blood is lowered by the pro-
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subside. After about a week, a rash resembling scarlet fever
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violent and exhausting. In many instances these recurrent headaches
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centre is stimulated to make unusual efforts. In most cases it suc-