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truth on their side ; and whose personal and private

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JIacbeth, Surgeon-Major J., ?iI.D., rjtb Foot, to be Surgeon 16th

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ness, which I regret to say is now old-fashioned, is

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being very liable to conflagration. They are distin-

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bility of his recoveiy. He came back in three months

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tality in the latter is not caused by the mere working

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coincident with the painful results of our experience.

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ture with theistic speculations — i.e., a treatment

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cifying certain points on which the Council request to

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founds upon this theory the use of mineral acids as

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aa Infant; Incliiiation of the Pelvis; Varus Paraly-

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their future progress ; I am not convinced, however,

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conveyed in natural, clear, persuasive language. Its

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geon J. H. Bill. The reader will find a description

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I intended. I merely meant, that the blood is defi-

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either on the principle of dialysis or in the ordinai-y

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battle, the excitement, and the sound of the trumpet."

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eruptions, so often believed by parents to result from

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and humane, as the lives of those infants are saved

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is rendered still more apparent by reference to an-

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science ; and no scientific man can remain absolutely

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lief in all has been so far complete. Eigors were not

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and that a pustule is formed producing a sore exactly

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appears. The direct treatment of the child is infi-

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partly filled with chloroform. A verdict was retvu*ned

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A lady, aged 63, stout, but active, of simple habits,

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