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other affections of the eye, and it was difiicult to determine clinically
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over the various railroads, and has found that treatment (pursued with the happiest effects
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uous sutures, whichever will enable the operator to terminate
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Overdistension of a loop of intestine leads to stretching of the mesentery
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lome either disei^es, in the General Ho8pit(^l a^ Cha^rlottesv^Ue, Ya., during twenty-
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an intussusception, forming a tumor about six inches
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I used to remove the fat and breast along the muscle, and then search
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the defective ventilation of vessels, and finally iitl-
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since physiologists employ it to denote an exactly opposite condition, that
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only by a narrow neck. Every intermediate form between this and the dumb-
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taminate the air for miles in extent. A sufficient covering would
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no reproach to their art to refuse to interfere with the
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1968. Naden, Randall S., Jr., 130 N. Broadway, Camden, N.J. (08102)
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to distinguish himself— and who is there among you that does
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gastric lavage play a very minor part in the regimen described.
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The essential characters of this affection are, that the poison pro-
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will not be accepted. This examination js open to all
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pressure phenomena, and displacement of the mediastinal organs and
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centage of cases of artificial anus that follow ruptured
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nervous system is in a serious state of increasing exhaustion.
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It is well to apply the spinal liniment on the back of the neck
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employers hope to achieve worksite safety and improve job
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intervention is frankly palliative, while at other times caustics are used,
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involve the first two, but, more particularly, because, whether the disease
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powerful influence, in combination with iodine and mercury.
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These all show the same dusky or cyanosed mucous membranes, disinte-
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Dcith-rate, England and Wales, tuberculosis, 1881-90 . 2.1.'i
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composed of equal parts of partially digested thymus and lycopodium
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Foundation Scholarship this year. This award, which
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Vice-President, Greensboro', N. C. ; B. M. Griffith, M.D.,
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with which we' are familiar. The author's pathological study
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smallpox is one of the most contagious of the communicable infections.
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crystallized tartaric acid with a solution of eight drachms of bicarbonate of
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