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thereon , but f mailer. Towards the top , the Stalk
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at once. Cut to what seems to be a little larger than the normal
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within it fmall yellow Seed : There is a letter fort
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it felf out into very many Ramifications or Branches,
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where we are not likely to damage it. Now we come to the diseased
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ers made of jive round pointed Leaves apiece , with
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It has a pretty great long Root , as great as that of
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out lafls many of them, the Flowers being of a plea-
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with many fmall Jingle Stalks, about a Boot in height
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In my last annual report I ventured to express the opinion that
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urged as formerly, I should infer that others also had found it
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he should secure a regular action of the bowels. Above all, he
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fed Seed , by Info lotion, or Coition , or Digejiion in a
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rapidly approaching his complete dissolution and the opportunity
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flore aureo plena , The narrow-leav’d double Golden-
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Palujiris , or Mar fit Marigold , which he calls Tuf-
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scribe the measures adopted for the relief of said condition, and
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dry in the fecond Degree : It is Anodyn, Vulnerary,
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gray in color. Under the microscope pus-cells are rarely found,
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Climenko, H. : Joum. of Endocrinology, 1919: Vol. iii.
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lity, for if any part which is pained, if the Nerves
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er, which is very thick , double and clofe fet toge-
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England ; they grow , flourifti, and come to perfe-
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between the nasal and bronchial phenomena, but the writer
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times not fo high, bearing one Flower apiece , confi-
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duction, consisting of pus and mucus coughed from the lungs to
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it is chiefiy ufed as a Vehicle, to convey the other
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are rough Burrs , J licking to any thing they touch ,
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redundant membrane on the jejunum we will excise that. We make
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learned so well the application of the digitalis to his needs that he
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tnoift wbiljl it is frejh, that it is almoji like to
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leaved or Saw-leaved Sea Lentil, Clufius in his Scho-
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and is a good thing to be given with a corttinuando
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Pteridium mj' Cordi & Thalii , Female Fern
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fifing of a great many bibres or Strings , from which
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being paj}, turn into long, round, and pointed Cods,
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lejfer and leffer up to the top, which are long, rough
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my position, so far as time allows, with the opinions and expe-
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Leaves, but without Bulbs, not fo big, nor of fo dark
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crooked withal , and bend the Fruit downwards , which