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under physiological conditions is small, and the presence of large

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Liver weighed nine pounds one ounce, was of a pale gamboge colour throughout,

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Guy de Chauliac was almost the only surgical writer

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Compared with the prognosis in the adult, it is bad, very bad.

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be described, it is none the less harrowing in that it stretches forth from

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general use of Dr. P^mmet's method of exploration in urethral affections,

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with external applications of iodine to the tumour, under

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B. C, AGED 21, who is married, and has three children, was-

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pain in the left chest, and a sensation of a full chest.

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not only of the duodenum, but of the stomach itself; but in this

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impediment ottered to the course of the blood should spring up dila-

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for some time. The different manifestations of tubercular

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has been due a fortnight, has just arrived. — Dr. Paul B. Goddard, De-

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Octavo, pp. VI-529. Published by D. Appleton & Co., New York.

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of morphine in liil>or, and felt it to lie my duty to

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but ptosis of the colon, including displacement of the cecum and the

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^oe-like character, looking like a brownish jelly :

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acidi lactici and the Bacillus laetis aerogenes. This acid reac-

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swelling of the epithelium in the convoluted tubules. The epithelium

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])uscle there is a stratum of tissue differentiated from*and more resis-

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gated quite recently by Doctor Wiley (40) and his coworkers at the

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but this deficiency of self-control in the neuropathic neuras-

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splenitis from the rupture of an abscess and from traumatism. In the acute

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son and Drake. Dr. Woodward does not mean that typho-malarial fever is a

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man, a native citizen, residing at the corner of Gold and Erankfort

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the neuroses, and genius are congenerous; concede to him also that

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last paper, would have been gradually removed. As I

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for not being vaccinated. The law says the city "shall

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than at a low altitude and that the influence is disproportionately

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in gardens as an ornamental plant. The flowers are large,