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follows : (1) Lithemia (uricemia ; uric- or lithic-acid or gouty diathesis) ;
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all who knew her, her death brings a deep sense of loss to many patients
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the cases that occur in children. The curtains of the thick, rigid valves
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pensates for the lack of exercise. The slowly-interrupted faradic current
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being rounded and most prominent unless the tumor be vei-y large, when
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tion of the pyramidal fibers may subsequently act on other fiber-systems.
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level of first lumbar spine and anterior superior spines of the ilia.
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Broadly speaking, any habit of the system that encourages the pre-
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quently pertussis. The causative influence of mercurialization and
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titioner, W2 commend it because we believe there is no better." — American Journal of tht
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of sweat in the affected members, and the skin may become somewhat
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pass through such short central arcs (it is probable that the greatest
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numerous, as are also certain myelo-plaques and cells showing karyo-
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ing rise to more or less associated catarrhal tonsillitis. The local sub-
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oxysm, and (2) Those of the interval. (1) The first symptoms of an attack
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anemia occurring in childhood that bears certain similarities to leu-
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Treatment. — The recumbent posture is of great importance.
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days, when resolution takes place, some tenderness of the pharynx,
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ysm is definitely known, the consequences of hemoptysis are certainly
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Treatment. — This is to be conducted on the same principles as those
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chest-walls. Thoracic deformities may produce pulmonary atelectasis,
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a constant throbbing and distress in the precordial region, the former
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occasionally occur. The disease ordinarily commences slowly. At first
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jority of cases analyzed by Gowers, Hesse, and Osier :
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(fever and sweating), the latter being most frequently met with in occlu-
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incoordination is followed by a spastic condition. The knee-jerk is much
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eorrelate, were developed to its logical perfection, we should have an
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was seven ounces, the specific gravity 1015, albumin 15 per cent,
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but not infrequently it is entirely independent of these diseases. Infants
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form. The cementum forms the external covering of the root,
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In all these items the reflex arc conduction differs from simple nerve
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resemblance to acute intestinal obstruction, and the discriminating
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Modes of Dissemination, and Methods of Prevention. Bv A.
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holic habits or a rich diet in an atheromatous person ; or some corrosive
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than females, the condition usually occurring in early adult life, although
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own (which came to autopsy), in which the localized gangrenous process
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and even the anterior pillars and tonsillar surfaces, to be deeply red-