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Two years later (1732-33) an epidemic, starting from Saxony and

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questionably true that phthisis is much more successfully managed now

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marked. Scrofula is very chronic in its course, often lasting

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rend. Acad. d. sc.. Par., 1889, cix, 530-532. Also: France

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consciousness ; but if the haemorrhage be large, profound coma occurs with

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of urine there was found in the chamber a number of hairs

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Hereditary History," A7n.erican Journal of Insanity, Chicago, 1894-9.5, li. 365, 373. — 6.

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infection. Cleanliness must be more scrupulously practiced than ever,

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To illustrate the principles of treatment already indicated, I propose to

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fully observed by him with respect to the condition of the patient. He

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vomits, or until expectoration and vomiting both take place at

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Slatineanu, A., et Danielopolu, D.: Reaction de fixation avec le serum et le liquide

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marrow, mucous or cuticular surfaces, yet the phenomena constituting

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this periodic rise of temperature continues, the patient is only

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predisposing causes of the different varieties of chronic enlargement

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Among the medicines wliich are employed at Guy's by Dr.

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M. Mayer showed to the Berlin Medical Societyf a woman, 2*1

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tive: the individual, as such, should never be permitted to

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ening of the lumbar thus bringing the weight of the body