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quite, equalled by those who absolutely deny that quinine has any prop-

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to the time of death. In one case where I happened to be present as the

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n)uch of a necessity to the physician ampng young children as

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region to the benefits of antisepsis. Keen' advises disinfection of the

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the original negatives is an excellent one, and while they do not

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could be seen. The paracentral lobule, instead of being furrowed trans-

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odor. Diarrhoea with the vomiting, many fluid stools, no macro-

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that the pupil of the left eye reacted very sluggishly. At this time the

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XII. Finally, during the past year two additional cases have been reported

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and cervix may be immediately checked by closing the lacerated tissue by a

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was applied. The wound was closed and a plaster cast applied from toes

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minutes. He is taught that system in his eating, in his sleeping and

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M. D., Robert Lovell, M. D., Rudolf Malas, M. D., Roswell Park,

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of the costal and pulmonary pleura; emphysema of the skin and pneumo-

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sidered that a great many times. Whether the word "prescrip-

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Acute Kheumatic Iritis; with Cases. By A. Britton Deynard, New York

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Case V. — Stanley Le Mair, aged fifty-eight days. Right knee. May

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ment of girls at the age of thirteen may quite account for their

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exact diagnosis we may accept the statement. In the miliary form

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have recorded cases in which Peru balsam produced such a condition. The

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than do the portraits of lichen planus and lichen ruber giv^en by our

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swered in a scientific manner, until a large number of cases are collected in

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"A similar case, S. G., admitted December 20th, one day after the

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Although a patient in good circumstances, she had allowed herself to go

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Its action seems to consist of stimulation for some hours of the vessels and

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careful study of the question force him to the conviction that

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Spurgeon said, "When I have found intense pairi relieved, a weary

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a prolonged time becomes worse and worse. Moreover, with the closure of

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The only drugs to which Cantani attributes any value in the treat-

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play, are the height of vanity and vexation of spirit. Then, too, the

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elect a President who shall be ex-officio a member of the Board of

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I cannot forbear a mention of the deleterious effects sometimes due to

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