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Such facts as these also explain why pneumonia occurs with undue frequency

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Professor of Obstetrics and the Diseases of Women and

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seemed scientific and its execution was accomplished with ease.

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At the July meeting of this Society the treatment of puerperal convul-

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25. Study of an Epidemic among Guinea-pigs in the Labora-

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on the part of the patient, and as there may possibly be

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terized by an abnormal increase in the fat of the liver.

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856. Mixed Fruit Jelly — Ingredients — Fruit, strawberries, currants,

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and is comparatively common on the right side. The affected tracts are

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experiments (see p. 215) have shown that the value of cor-

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Rea, Bethany; C. Bennett, Mattoon, and A. B. Morris, East St. Louis.

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Treatment. — The redundant tissue may be removed by

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exhibit paresis at shoulders and elbows, with very marked atrophy of many

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