Treatment Of Clonidine Overdose

In 24 of the cases icterus was present at the beginning of the serum

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as the serum ages. The same normal serum agglutinated other

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fever may be prevented and the arthritic pains will gradually subside.

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may occur, and words may be uttered against tlie ^n-ill of tlie patient.

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the name proposed by those who found that in this disease the adult mar-

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lost during the operation, and the wound was filled with lint. The

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Trousseav,'^Q, 442, 539, 545, 730, 733, 790,923,973,

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the list of Intestinal Diseases. The most frequent of the nervous affections

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(Fig. 71); (b) a red corpuscle with Schiiffner's granules and no para-

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confounded with it. Hydrophobia may exist, though rarely, as a

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the cornea both from the inner and outer sides. Occasional itching

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Experiment 2. — Four animals were kept at out of door temperature for 2

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Nev^ Toark State Journal of. Medidnci April, 190B,- BrooMyni,

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if at all, affected even by starvation.' Urea is excreted in abnormally large

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ment which I offer to the mspection of the College this evening.

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tion was with spleen and bone marrow grafts, but it also occurred

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crates.** We highly commend those honest Greeks; they knew

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of the fluid, after the process of inhalation has ceased. That the

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of contract medical service to associations of various

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1. Normal human serum did not agglutinate this culture of Tre-

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cats near death with this disease. When the carbon dioxide in the

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The specimens before use were kept in sterile, stoppered vials in the refrigerator.

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tion is marked, and then diminishes as the age of the culture advances. Hence

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1 cc. Culture E3 + 1 cc. suspension of sheep corpuscles.

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be found also in the red corpuscles of the pigeon, turtle, and toad.

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that of the denervated gland, when morphine is administered?

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confirm the above (Table II). The close relation between the

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acidity of the stomachy has frequent green, watery,, acid stools;

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almost to startle those who occupy the position from which it pro-

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further advance ; local applications were abandoned. On October

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lose his patient — in all probability to an osteopath.

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viduals of the same species, offer to bacterial infection has been the

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The bacilli in the sputum became so few that in the ordinary film preparation

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In the first place, the location of the lesions in the rabbit heart is

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the serum with one-half of its volume of water, and then precipitating

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