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have caused much exhaustion the judicious use of stimulants is often

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Many English writers describe a hemorrhagic phthisis. In this variety

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The diagnosis of acute abscess formation is made by weighing the

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oped, and in most cases the cavity is rapidly filled with pus containing

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point, the iliac dislocation results. The rirri of the acetabulum may be

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congenital. Sometimes, in developing within a bone, they expand it

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Bites and Stings of Insects and Certain Animals. — There are certain

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those localities where they may constantly use water from alkaline springs.

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given in conjunction with it. It is well for those who suffer from angina

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of nervous irritabilitv, as evidenced by decrease of muscular twitchiiiirs,

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Most cases of pleurisy present at different stages, in varied proportions,

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movement of the jaws. Then the local changes already described appear

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5. Disease. — Bacteria are divided into two general classes, patho-

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terminates in chronic nephritis. It often disappears rapidly and never

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Tyrosin is in the form of white masses consisting of long shiny needles

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Differential Diagnosis. — When fully developed, a careful examination of

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for it gives rise to no symptoms. When it occurs in dysentery, typhoid and

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tions, of avoiding a more or less intimate contact with it, render the pre-

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Dandy and Mr. William Richardson, students at the American

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sions of iodoform are extensivelv used in chronic abscesses.

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tumors are sarcoma (rare) and carcinoma. The signs of malignant

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tion and only a few spots appear ; usually there is only one crop. Diar-

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then passing out tlie external abdominal ring. Under such circum-

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similar to those which take place in the larger infarctions.

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axacum was formerly thought to have a powerful effect on the liver ; its

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Normal Constituents. — Urinary Sediments. — Uremia 569-583

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had not slept for forty-eight hours drop into a quiet sleep within a few

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down the veins diminish in size. There is no impulse upon coughing,

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8ume, in a few hours, a most malignant type. The system may be over-

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They may contain a clear all)uniin()iis fluid ; .sometimes it is gelatinous,

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are very soft, and when an acute disease runs a vart/ short sharp course

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matory process. Having removed the irritant from the tissues, as will,

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