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the Nomenclature, and the Classification of diseases. Of these

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suppuration demonstrable. It is possible that the glands become

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Affections of the Kidneys;" also of ''Diabetes, Its Causes. Symptoms and Treatment." Fourth

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vomiting, ejecting a dark-colored, greenish fluid, being unable to re-

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(yphus fevers ; diseases of the bowels, viz. colic,

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treated by faradization of the abdomen. Sk.ibnewsk.1

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quarts of white wine vinegar add the spices. Simmer these

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No age is exempt, but neither can it be said that age exerts any influ-

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For an information packet or to arrange for an interview,

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Erb collected all these varieties in a single group, regarding the pseudo-

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extent among soldiers during the late civil war, excessive and persistent

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conclusions of a convincing character. By confining, however,

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thal Dr. C. C. Lee, and Dr. Edward Waitzfelder ; on Prize

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usual classification divides the cases into four groups: first, iliac or

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vomited on one occasion. For several days before ad-

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case before the Paris Hospital Medical Society. The patient was a man

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Sodi. Bicarb, neutralizes any free acid present ; therefore it is

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generally crooked. Within, it is white, but externally

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and syringe, if subsequent treatment is necessary. In

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12. Marsh, H. E.: A Report of Fifteen Cases of Erji:hremia, Med. Clin. N. Amer.,

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absorbent cotton pad placed against the vulva. This is changed

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Sometimes the two words are interchangeable, but as a

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