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tested by Pfeiffer's method. The three guinea pigs into which the

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gave a mean in the month of 36.24. The winds were at twenty-

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blood drawn before the injection of serum became typically ill, while

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Death is reached by intercurrent apoplexies, exhaustion from large bed-

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tion to the use of ipecac, combined with opium in the treatment of

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Spasms, Couru/sions. — In tk'teriniiiiiig Llie tii-at iiiul iK-ture of the disease

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retarded in development, somewhat flexible, and contain more fat than

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from an enlarged prostate gland; this distressing malady hasi

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Abortion^ — The same author, in one of his lectures, gives a system-

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of transition stages between the small thymus cells and the cells of

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profession ought to know, that its principal efficacy is owing to the

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the fingers often touching the nose and lips and angles of the mouth;

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ture was completely spirocheticidal, and even when the same amount

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ed in January. After a considerable lapse of time, in June, the ma-

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ooafirmatory of the general conclosions of Dr. Stills. Cases of ey»

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4. In the secondary stage of syphilis about 58 per cent of sera

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made known. She was then brougnt on to Philadelphia, and placed

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operations, it must be added, that he attributed much of his success

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cavity after each injection. After twelve injections the patient was relieved of

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cases took the infection as well as asualf where no vaccination had

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Dr. Uhlery replies — That in a family where a death occurred from

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mineral was immediately administered, which operated promptly,

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Behavior of Pneumococci in Filtrates of Broth Cultures. — Experi-

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ansemia of the cerebral ganglia, followed by relaxation and congestion.

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pearance, especiallv upon the arm to which the ointment had been

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anointing the external parts with a liniment composed of iodine, Bj.

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hasten to escape quad ata porta. The skin begins to cleave to the

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his name with the honoured ones of Parrish, Otto, and Hewson, hia

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and is inclined to attribute the production of scrofula in children, in

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remedies may, with propriety, be said to have been complete, in

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ales. The child, however, grew worse and worse — no eruption ap-

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superior surface of the brain, and separating the two hemispheres,

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— Plant growth and development checked.— Protozoa first stimulated^

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generative changes. (Edema of the subcutaneous cellular tissue, and an

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in a few instances a pock, and in others a pustule, and then suddenly

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