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Zafrullah M. Khan, MD, Firasat S. Malik, MD, John L. Chapman, MD, Ed-

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we are much more comfortable than we would be in the trenches.

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as follows : "Automatism in inebriety with loss of consciousness is not an

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and nose, 1; dental, 0; infectious diseases in the medical list, 17; surgical

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1917. It is to be hoped that this striking evidence of improved

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Putrefaction is promoted also by certain other conditions

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rarely of clinical importance unless another cause of anemia coexists. In clinical trials, less than 0.1% of patients

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dull and stale, physically and mentally. So if you don't mind

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prematurely delivered ? 2. If so, by what means and in what

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Musculoskeletal Evaluations * Functional Capacities Evaluations

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edition, 1917, 8°, 562 pages. F. A. Davis Company, Philadelphia.

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suffocation, when death occurs from any form of asphyxia or