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He also discusses the question of compression by callus, and

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allows the acid chyme to be passed into the duodenum. It should be

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first pointed out. Hence, his imconsdously repeating the sign with

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that the number of sanitary inspectorsin the county of London is 18.s, or

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of any value respecting tlie diseases of tlie adrenal bodies till 1855,

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effects of the work on the parts actually employed, the

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of the opposite lung. In many cases the opposite limg is also tuber-

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That this Council is of opinion that the system under which the work

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Itily. In 1879 he was appointed Professor of Physiology in

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increasing experience, however, it became apparent that ne-

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tion is one of most serious public importance. Take the

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other, with the signs of paralysis of the upper and lower extremity we

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tains all the properties of a true parasite. How it originates is yet

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Banks, in explaining that steps had already been taken to

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not begin in both legs at the same time, and in the early stage there is

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terrified her with a sense of impending death that she sent for me.

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cles, first in the pulmonary veins, and equally in the thoracic duct,

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The spinal degeneration in tabes corresponds to the intraspinal

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burgh, and in the case of abody found therehe would examine

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coroners' inquiries in P^ngland, if you do not find that in

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So far for known facts. That a gland secretion in excess < )f the

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through the medullary portion. The cells of the medulla are regarded

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quinin along with 2 teaspoonfuls of paregoric may be the most effect-

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dynes, but by firm strapping of the side. A similar local strapping

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of inspiration. In these latter cases the effect on the pulse

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finger-nail is drawn across it. Persons in such conditions are very

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But in this tantalizing disease, as it has been well termed, cases have

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any infection is suspected to be directly communicable, the only

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private assistant from 18G9 to the close of 1882, and up to the

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produced, which are a drooping of the eyelids and a difficulty in open-

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Censors of the Royal College of Physicians ; the Pre-

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Committee to investigate the action of several new drugs was