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For the syphilitic dementia, the next type, we have,

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and Fridays I lecture in the hospital theatre, in which I give a resumd

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it was therefore evident, that all the practicable precautions which

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aseptic conditions promises the most brilliant results. This case

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placing the patient on her side, having the knees and thighs well

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XVII. The Action of Carbon Dioxide upon Bacteria when Culti-

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present, stimulating the liver, if inactive, and keeping the

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which the author adopted for accurately ascertaining the amount

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fibers of the vagus by muscarin or pilocarpin or by electricity invari-

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the patient not through a progressive increase of the

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Women, at the Flfty-flrst Annual Meeting of the American McdlrHl

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showed the presence of a decided eosino[)hilia, which was most

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mosis, these causing retention of urine, and the two former frequently

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sion. As confirmatory of this, the author, on the next

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of the lateral column. Their function is not known.

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chronic form of dysentery the exudation already noticed under-

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nor weakness alone of the right ventricle, sufficed to produce pulmonary

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tion may be applicable to quotidian periodicity, it

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precedes death. As is well known, a large proportion of fatal cases terminate suddenly

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The advantages claimed for this operation are that the distance to

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means merely that the heart has obtained renewed power, that the mus-

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reflex was gone, but he still moved slightly when stimu-

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in right-handed persons the left hemisphere is proved to be pre-eminent over the

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perimental evidence goes, the accumulation of products checks the growth

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eserine sulphate are employed intravenously. The jugu-

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ment of snake-bites, and having requested me to test its efficacy,

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quamation going on, second crust flaking off ; throat and

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eases of the Adnexa. — Dr. W. H. Wathen, of Louis-

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to the pelvis may be learned." — (Hirst, Obstetrics.)

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in weight in the course of a few weeks, and so far recovered his

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of conjunctivitis are tolerably precise. Some of these in-

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