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edition. Illustrated. Royal octavo, 553 p.ages Cloth, $3.00. The

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metabolism of protein (Period 5), which was respectively 49.48, 43.59

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part of their extent, would almost certainly cause paralysis of the hand

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Ann. d' ig. sper., Roma, 1899, n. s., ix, 2')8-271, 2 pi.

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the pulmonary involvement and the more pronounced the toxemia.

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recognizable ; whereas in very large exudates the heart may beat to

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the fangs, and enamel, the covering of the crowns of the teeth.

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Returned home on the 11th, complained of headache on the

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blood, with excruciating, twinging pain ; (2) if the pain be occasioned by

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Dr. R. Huck, physician to the English Army, in the last century, states that of

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