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Thus Patrzek, of Oppeln, observed several cases of influenza-otitis media,
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Very often the surgeon is confronted by a true osteitis of the petrous bone, all
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that these same defects are to be found elsewhere, and if this is
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Dr. Meeks could no longer follow. The patient died but we
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bodies in the urine is evidence of an acidosis, but, as Van Slyke
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3. The radical character of the operation, in which I was not content
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the upper inner group of the inguinal glands. The lymphatics
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shows evidence of nutritive disturbances in the skin by an out-
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into the bottle container, and the temperature fell to normal and re-
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rarely if ever presents the proper mentality for the development of
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experience has been as large and whose credibility is as great.
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The plan which seems most convenient and systematic for the record-
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many instances, at post-mortem, the clinical diagnosis is compared