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the organism injected, but all its cultures were more viscous. The virulence

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clude the despatch of a patient to Mont-Dore or Cauterets for bronchial

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The cerebrospinal fluid circulates in these spaces.

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patient is led to make voluntary efforts of coughing for its expulsion. The

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claiming that any operation may kill — peuttuer — and

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of treatment in this particular case. There was scarcely space,

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excepting that the nitrate of potash and Dover's powder were to be

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would be much more easy, and possibly the cause why the displace-

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which was augmented by the slightest motion, did not cease till 10 o'clock at night. latbi

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sedating than other anxiolytics and does not produce significant functional impairment, its CNS effects in a

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dissolved with hot water ; still it is best to make only enough to be used each day ;

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tion of the effects of chronic catarrhai pneumonia, which with him

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rectum, on the other hand, is not so closely connected with

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the temperature 99° ; the lochia reappearing, and with-

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largement is no proof of syphilis, the same existing in eczema and exfo-

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abuseof wine, of ardent spirits, of coflTee, to milk-diet or caSHUl use of

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those of the first class give a more acute onset and rapid

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Reynaud and Blosville (1836-39). Animal Heat. Todd's Encyclopaedia,

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It is univerially admitted that in chronic alcoholism a fatty liver is

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ways that effect, it is surely inconsistent to say that it is inca-

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volumes especially, and that he has also added to the third volume a useful

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and to this he apparently refers not only the increase

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psychoses, psychoneuroses and other emotional prob-

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oral and nasal cavities^ Spencer urges the importance of early and sys-

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ever a chronic glandular abscess is opened, whether

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careful pathological examination was made by Dr. W.

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will develope themselves in other portions of the body, merely

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events were not independent. In the case of tossing coins, one toss did not

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that the majority of these nuclei lie beneath the sarcolemma, and so

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Medical Department. The Upjohn Co., Kalamazoo, Mich., As-

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that surgical treatment cannot be employed, but when

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causation and symptoms in putrefactions occurring in

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tary Act, like many other Acts, no doubt took up an immense

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injury, but as a rule it will require at least two weeks for

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with which persons sick from contagious diseases may secure passage

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Hardwicke Hospital was read by Dr. Lyons ; that from Sir

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at the age of 30, 40. and 50 ; E, Assurance and Annuity Funds, exclusive 0/ Paid-