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life — all that is important, or useful, or dignified, in medicine
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fixed to its outer surface, slides and pivots, screws, or ratchets
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was called until four or five days after. Dr. S. pronounced it a
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judge for himself ; to methods of prescription ; to some supposed
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nervous influence, as Dr. Dunglison infers from Cooper's
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twenty years. But Dr. Bostock remarks, in his Physiology,
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duties were discharged however, fully by other members of the faculty*
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ble effects, but when an accumulation has taken place up to a
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inner surface of the organ rough, with innumerable blood spots scattered
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Campbell about priority in establishing the doctrine of excito-secre-
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tion. American contributions and practices have been, generally,
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of a patient who has already taken the small pox, if done in time to allow
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medical philosophy ." — lb., § 411 (Dr. P.'s italics).
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applied to the arm, than when placed imder the tongue. It
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basis afforded by the reduction of reflex phenomena to the
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Vegetables next claim our attention. Of all these, for wide