What Is Zantac Used For Treating

tion the abuses that existed in the institution, without fear or favor.
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tant factor, if not in proving the exciting, at least the predis-
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a love of the West and things western. He afterwards entered the
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trials. Putting a drain into the focus of a fracture may be
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Ribs and Cartilages. — Unlike the other bones of the
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In addition to his city home he has a delightful summer
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As much of his work in the operating-room is original,
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MacDonald in 1894, and the New York University honored him with
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monstrated a fact that has since been universally accepted,
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tubular piece, of a portion of a large superficial vein taken
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As far as etiology, symptomatology, morbid anatomy, the di-
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objects perceptible to our senses and to the senses of others,
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Address in Medicine. Delivered before the Medical Society of Penn-
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At the age of twelve he was placed in a private school in
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neck, but these cases are rare. Our apparatus, which
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was for two years president of the Chicago Electrical Society; was
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and margins many hernia deemed inoperable have been successfully
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Upon visiting her one day, she greeted me with, "Doctor, I have
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alytic action is central, and not peripheral, as is shown by the
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Orpha D. Baldwin, M.D., Class of '85, Boston University School of Medicine,
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Dr. Jennings is the author of a number of papers read before scien-
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as a shrewd and wise councillor of uni:r.peachable integrity.
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Erie, and during the same year he organized the Section of Gynecol-
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this time, two weeks in advance, he prescribed with reference
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and the next morning to find on the breakfast-table a card of
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it is put forward as a guide to the treatment of disease.
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Meanwhile the fact remains, that those who have sinned against
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children " were added to it, as the statistics are undoubtedly
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ture by Dr. Ajers are the following r A paperon " Version
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a lump, with soreness ; the voice sounds rough ; dryness and
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or spasmodic phenomena of certain portions of the body ? And
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breadth of kindly philosophy; a man who, day or night,
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