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portance. Woollen underwear and blankets should be provided, so as

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and continued for several years thereafter. He was about to

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chiefly of a separation, of the fibers. The fissural communication pre-

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and irregularity) Avould be expected. Syncope is not infrequent for

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the former and the tendency to hemorrhage should be remembered, as

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vein. A sac may intervene between the two vessels {varicose aneurysm)

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day, and embodies all the essential points of advanced American gynecology. It is destined

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reasons for this, as well as his summary of future possibilities lor

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normal, owing to the fact that the diaphragm is depressed. The upper

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amphoric noises may be audible, particularly on making auscultatory

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Definition and Pathology. — A suppurative inflammation (rare)

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incr — a characteristic feature. The face, particularly the nose, now

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tous enlargement of the left lobe of the liver caused it in a case I saw

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naturally tend to augment the size of the diverticulum by dragging it

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Prognosis. — This depends largely upon the cause. The cases at-

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lyzed, causing contraction of the pupils. Compression of the thoracic

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the salts of zinc or silver are used, not more than an ounce of the solu-

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Treatment. — Proplvilaxis is of the utmost importance. In all

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patient's avocation entails undue muscular effort, it must be aban-

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It is printed in good type, well sub-headed and on a light paper, which

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racter. A feeling of fulness and nausea are among the common features

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carried " ('/) to the lymph-nodules surrounding the bronchi and blood-

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noted. All these kidney symptoms are not unlike, both in sudden-

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of their tendency to become incompetent. At times, when the stomach

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and irritable, as shown by frequent seminal emissions (nocturnal) and

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Definition. — A peculiar pathologic condition, chiefly of the large

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after exposure to cold and wet. The secondary causes of pyelitis are

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iDook is entitled "Induced Cystogeny in Cancer" and has been written by

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tion for the Advancement of Science, etc. Third edition. Thor-

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Definition. — An inflammation of the muscle-substance of the heart.

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yellow, resembling somewhat that of chlorosis. The mucous membranes

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joint-inflammation may quickly disappear Avith an equally sudden de-

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toms of anemic softening of the latter. The loss of elasticity of the