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thigh may then be flexed and after extension of the leg

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" Some authors, while they maintain the disease to be a fever entirely symp-

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lemaric* t Vide Marker* at mipia, 1824, pp. 63, 69. 71, 169 and 175.

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writers adopt this view without notable modification.

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perhaps be referred to excitation of the nervous ai)paratus of the heart.

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onward flow and a source of escape. Incompetence of the cusps may take

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Vyatka government (data on epidemics of ergotism in

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disease has not been met with in an European ; the latter wear boots, and

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latina remain also unaffected in the septic erythema. The face is Uke-

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since the last weighing, but his cough had ceased and he was

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and it is to be remarked that the left tibia is ex-

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circumstances, which go to form essential parts of the history of indi-

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coccus tetragenus, strawberries, nuts, apples, pears). Altogether,

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76-80.— Van de Warker (E.) Formalin; its good and

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ease, such as syphilis and phthisis and many others ; and

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been protracted, or in which frequent relapses have taken place, is often

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morbid physiology. His great work, in two volumes, " Lectures

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the absence of hamiatemesis and tarry stools or occult blood in the fteces.

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and expression of terror at the sight of fluid, and the restlessness of the patient,

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now quite recovered power." At this time his tongue had

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War, probably owing to the fact that the men were conveywl from the various

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plaint since his return. She sent for him, and he adapted a truss to her

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immediately below the clavicle, and Williams' tracheal tone may sometimes

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but was the only one from Hartford county who was ab-

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irritation. He was employed to pick up nails for three

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came as part of certain groups of colonists that had been organized in the East

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Princes Street and through life natty and wretched.

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perfect physical condition except for a discharging left ear, with accom-

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1 c.c, control -|-5 c.c. milk at 'MS degrees— coagulated in 23 min.

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important factor in the production of choroidal exudates. I can readily

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usually purulent, but serous pleurisy has been obsen'ed as also

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started training these in 1940. It would have been 1945

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in cases of infection, and may shovv^ an opaque or cloudy cerebrospinal

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The President: The motion was that it should be published

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1. These are generally acute suppurations existing in casual connection with

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The productive termination of inflammation is manifested by the new

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investigation and experimentation, the history of which, all

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The diminution in wliite corpuscles was chiefly in the mono-

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He did not think that the method of blowing air over the surface