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portion of the cavities or in the mouth. The roaring sound became


dent. No doubt it is an admirable institution still; but I am told by


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admirable way in which the volume is got up, add to the attractiveness

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tubercle, and more rarely diffuse chronic pneumonia with formation of

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day. Some, however, refuse it, and will not swallow even a mouthful,

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but from the use of medicines obtained from Dr. EL K. Root, he declares he

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attributed to fatigue and the hard work of the previous few days. On

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lific inventor of new procedures, and fearless as to what he undertook

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I ought to say without much benefit, the method of removing the

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confinement by a midwife. Sir Symonds suffered in his right eye all

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the muscular fibres concerned. Such an explanation would account

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necessitated triple ligation ; nevertheless, recovery was uncomplicated.

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dency of the Medical Council. Dr. Bennett, after specifying

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as "un jeune homme tres-peu connu, le docteur Alexandre Simpson,

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the registered members of tlie profession in Scotland, and also two

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intention now to enter into it ; but here in Newcastle where the method

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the abdomen almost in contact with the ground (apparently in conse-

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the advanced students, who would probably attend in larger numbers

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position is a great mistake. That there should be more or less comminu-

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was of tuberculous origin, and in one there was no other tuberculous

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afterwards to the whole body ; slight ptyalism and grinding of the jaws ;

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Both the public and the profession, and especially those who are en-

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or is situated near one of its margins, you may make the transverse

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confirmed by the absence of fiscal vomiting. The discovery of a small

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raised by a multitude of small greyish nodules varying in size from a

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cases in the Museum of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and one in that of